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Turn your Blah! uninspiring meetings into a place of learning and having fun while getting things done.


'Zoom to the Moon' is a practical online course with a live component for educators and learning organisations to get their meetings moving in the right direction in just 5 weeks.


Zoom to the Moon is a cohort-based facilitated online course about meeting facilitation skills 

for brave educators who want to take charge of their meetings and turn them into learning opportunities, all while having fun through getting things done


It's a mix of simple strategies to make your meetings work for you and not the other way around. 


Created for and with educators


Learning as a team value

Anyone who's working in a team where learning is a core value and believes there has to be a better way to do meetings. 


Team member

Educator, done feeling helpless in useless meetings who wants to learn graceful and fun ways to alter the course of meetings they are required to attend.


Team leader

(Educational) team leaders of (educational) teams with 3-25 members. For bigger teams, some adjustments will be needed. 

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After 12+ years of internally facilitating meetings in organisations, I decided to create Zoom to the Moon.


I've seen that training as many team members as possible with skills of meeting facilitation makes a massive impact on the way team members contribute to meeting culture, the decision-making is easier, and people experience more joy and connection in their working environment. 

I believe team meetings are an opportunity to learn together about the people, the organisation, or the larger context we live in.

And learning is fun, right?


So, please let me show you how meetings can be a fun and effective learning experience instead of a life-sucking part of the week you wish would not exist.


Enrolment for Zoom to the Moon is open now. First 10 people who sign up will receive a gift valued at 99 EUR in the form of Meeting scan. This is a complementary training & templates bundle with which you'll be able to assess your meeting's quality and understand what needs to be tackled first and how in just 1hr. 


You’ll receive access to the first module of Zoom to the Moon on 22.2.2024 when the enrolment closes. 


****Note: Enrolment closes on 22.2.2024 or until it sells out. We are only enrolling a limited number of students in Zoom to the Moon, so if you wish to join us, go for it asap.


If you’re ready to join Zoom to the Moon, then click the button below.  You'll be taken to a payment page.

“If you have the chance to work with her, make use of it!"

Neža facilitated 3 training sessions at the HAN. We worked on various education innovation projects. She absolutely nailed it and made all the trainees fans immediately.

She is well-prepared and mixes solid knowledge of ancient wisdom with modern facilitation techniques and practical tips for our projects. She is keen on feelings and sentiments in the group and addresses these well. In doing so, she creates a great and safe working environment where trainees really challenge themselves.

Ewan Tehupuring

Lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences


Zoom to the Moon is an online course, so you can enjoy it (and implement it) right from where you are! It also comes with facilitated live calls where you'll experience first-hand how to make sure a group experiences effective meaningful meetings in just 5 weeks. 


You’ll receive access to the first of 5 recorded video modules on 22.2.2024, and each subsequent module will be delivered each week after that for 5 weeks. This way, you can go through the content in your own time.  For content details of those modules read further. 

***We’re enrolling students right now through 22.2.2024 (or until we sell out)!

Limited availability. 

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Hi, I'm Neža!

I created Zoom to the Moon after 12+ years of facilitating meetings in organisations internally.


I want to help educators and teams where learning is a central value turn their meetings into learning experiences that put connection first.


In my experience, once the connection is established, productivity follows. Not the other way around.


Let's turn meetings into time for getting things done while having fun in 5 weeks.


Oh, yes, it is possible! Curious?


If you’re ready to join Zoom to the Moon, then click the button below.  You'll be taken to a payment page.


🫖Zoom to the Moon calls

  • 4x1,5hrs facilitated live sessions where you experience how it is to move your meetings from Bleh to Yeah! in just 5 weeks


🤝Office hours

  • 3x1hrs Q+A calls where you ask me for advice, options, and support on your meeting challenges


🍀A group of peers = a group of like-minded committed educators who want to contribute to a better world one meeting at a time. 

📽️ 5 modules of short (each max 10 minutes long) actionable videos with practical explanations of how to turn your meetings into a place of having fun while getting things done. 


📑 Bonus swipe files and pre-made systems that will make it easier to get started straight away. 



  1. How to go from “I hate them!” to “I’m reconsidering my position on meetings (with a mischievous smile)”? or even … (I dare you) to “I kinda like them now.”

  2. What is the role of a facilitator in a meeting? (p.s. it’s probably different from what you’re used to)

  3. What are the differences between the roles of a teacher and a facilitator?

  4. Why have educators such a great potential to be excellent facilitators?

  5. What are the traps educators might fall into when facilitating meetings?

  6. What is a safe space in a meeting and how to create it?


  1. How to know what is going wrong in our meetings?

  2. Why are your meetings so confusing and ineffective? The only theory about meetings you’ll ever need to know

  3. How many meetings should your team have on their agenda regularly? (pssst, there are way less than you think you should have)

  4. How long should meetings be?

  5. How to eliminate the majority of your meetings without the cost of productivity?

  6. Who should facilitate which meeting?

  7. Offline vs online: when to meet where?


Before the weekly meeting
  1. Who should participate in the weekly meetings?

  2. How does group size influence your meetings?

  3. How to get people to prepare for a meeting?

  4. How to set an agenda as a collective?

  5. How to prepare the space (online and offline) for a meeting?

  6. What tools do you need for a successful meeting?

  7. How to prepare yourself for the facilitation of the meeting?

  8. How to leverage the fact you’re working with educators in meetings you facilitate?


During the weekly meeting
  1. How to start a weekly meeting?

  2. How not to start a weekly meeting?

  3. How to manage expectations in a meeting?

  4. How to make sure people stay focused in a meeting?

  5. How to deal with people being late?

  6. How to deal with people being on their phones?

  7. How to deal with people missing at the meeting

  8. What to do when you're running out of time?

  9. How to get back on track when you lose focus of the meeting?

  10. How to approach (big) feelings in a meeting?

  11. What to do when people come unprepared?

  12. What to do with people that talk 'all the time’?

  13. How to get the quiet people to speak up?

  14. When do you know you’re off focus even when you’re seemingly on track?

  15. How to make sure things get followed up?

  16. How to build trust?

  17. How to interrupt with grace?

  18. How to make notes that will serve your team?

  19. How to close a weekly meeting?


After the weekly meeting
  1. What to put into the follow-up email?

  2. What to do with notes after the weekly meeting?

  3. How to start the next weekly meeting to make sure there’s follow-up and continuity?

  4. How to address if people didn't do what they said they would?

  5. How to compose the agenda between the two meetings?

  6. How to make sure every team member takes responsibility for your team meetings?

  7. 2 simple, effective, and fun tools to evaluate what are you learning from the new ways of doing meetings in your (educational) team.


Handy dandy bonuses
  1. Weekly meeting script - a script to pull out when you facilitate your weekly meeting

  2. A simple structure to centralise meeting notes in Google Docs and in Notion and make sure they’re followed up

  3. Invitation to a meeting swipe file

  4. Follow-up email swipe file

  5. Dos and Don’ts when implementing a new meeting structure in your team


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If I ask my clients what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say: "weekly team meetings", this is what comes up: 

  • boring, repetitive

  • lack of energy

  • too long

  • nothing really happens during or after them 

The list of life-sucking adjectives goes on. Hmmm, isn't it a waste to spend so many hours of our lives on events that don't 

  • nourish our longing for connection

  • help us to get things done

  • enable us to do what we are hired to do

  • support us in getting closer to our desired impact?


Isn't it time to take charge of your time and energy and do meetings in a more effective (I didn't write 'efficient' for a reason!!!), inclusive and healthy way? 

If you find yourself nodding to the above, then hop on the button below and get access to the next round of Zoom to the Moon course.

I'd love to support you on your journey to Bleh! to Yeah!
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  • How do I join Zoom to the Moon course?
    Joining Zoom to the Moon is easy! Simply: Click HERE. You'll be redirected to a payment page. Follow the simple instructions on that payment page and complete the purchase process. Note: You’ve only secured your spot once we receive your payment. A few minutes after the purchase you'll receive access to a course page from An email with instructions on what's next will follow shortly after. The course page will be mostly empty until 14.02.2024 when you’ll receive access to the first module, and then the fun begins! In the meantime, direct any questions you might have to I can’t wait to work with you!
  • Does the meeting facilitation you teach here work offline or online?
    In Zoom to the Moon, you will learn about facilitation as a way of guiding meetings differently and all the techniques can be seamlessly applied in an online or in an in-person environment. Wherever there is a significant difference in application, I will make a distinction and give you tips on how to translate whatever you want to pull off in the environment you are working in.
  • I have several interested colleagues, too. Do you offer group discounts?
    I do. For every 8 licences, your team gets the 9th for free. That means all 8 licences will be paid by 1 institution on 1 invoice. The payment will most probably happen via an invoice sent to your HR. To get the discount, send me an email to with the names and emails of all the people who're in for the adventure and we'll figure out the payment process that works for your institution.
  • The organisation I work for will sponsor my participation in Zoom to the Moon. What now?
    Firstly, you have a great employer! Investing in building capacity to facilitate better meetings in their own company is wise. When your employer pays for your participation in Zoom to the Moon, send me an email to with the names and emails of all the people who want to participate and include the email and name of the person in your organisation who can authorise this purchase. If there are more than 8 people joining from your team, you get the 9th seat for free. Kinda cool, right? I will then contact the (probably HR) department and arrange for an invoicing process away from my webshop. Please note that VAT may apply depending on the location of your organisation (NL, EU, outside of EU). So again, send an email to and we'll get it settled quickly.
  • I have a question I don't see an answer to. Where can I reach you?
    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at I'll do my best to answer as soon as possible.
  • I'm an introvert. Can I ever be a good facilitator?
    Introverts have a great gift of observation which is crucial for quality facilitation. In the course, I'll show you what are the qualities you can lean into and be an excellent facilitator.
  • How much time should I reserve for the course?
    Depending on the module, you can count on 1-1,5 hrs of video material per week. Add the weekly live call of 1,5hrs. The rest is up to you. I'll encourage you to already think of a time when you could practice facilitating the next meeting. That way you will already do all the preparations needed for future work AND get feedback on it if you so wish to. Two flies with one stone!
  • Will I learn lots of new tools, ice-breakers, and exercises?
    Yes, and no. Yes, in the sense that you will experience a whole program being facilitated through different exercises that will seamlessly flow into each other. However, this is not a course in tools. I prefer teaching you the logic behind tools and promise you something better: by the end of this course you can pick up whatever toolbox and know how to read and apply any exercise in the book to your class.
  • I'm not a fan of technology. Can I still use the knowledge in this course for my (online) meetings?
    Absolutely! Whenever you enter any of my trainings - be it online or offline, you'll notice straight away that I use everyday tools you are probably already familiar with. No shiny programs, no PowerPoint, no complicated applications. My motto is: first learn to facilitate well, only then dive into extra fancy technology IF you have the energy for it. Otherwise, having a computer, a good enough microphone, a decent camera, and a pen and paper is all you need for facilitating meetings online and pen and paper for an offline version.
"Collaborating with Neža is learning to mix the best both of both worlds: having fun and acquiring a deep understanding of social dynamics. Thanks to Neža's teachings, I created profound experiences with groups and revolutionized the way I lead."

Elodie Ley, France


Amazing! Then click the button below. You'll be taken to a payment page.

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I'm sincerely looking forward to working with you on this weird topic of meetings. It's time, isn't it ;)

Warmly, Neža

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