On a mission to fill this world with people who love their work.

Starting with smart, fun and curious women.

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Why (only) women?

I see that women are capable of anything when we step into our superpowers. We are resilient, kind, inclusive, amazing community builders and ridiculously creative. I believe the women of this age have the power to change the status quo of all the dysfunctional systems in this world. We have the opportunity (and duty) to bring together our ideas for positive change, the right people, and create prosperity for everyone on the Planet. We do this when we feel empowered to show our gifts fully, unapologetically.

I also believe in the kindness of the humankind. But I almost lost that trust once: when I felt lost, stuck in a job I didn't really choose myself. Bah! It still makes me angry!

I made it my work to get myself out of that funk and then other ladies asked to get help to do the same. Because once we know why we are here, we are invincible.


Who on Earth is GluGlu?

GluGlu is a non-earthy creature. A very happy and helpful one, no worries! He is my CPO - Chief Playfulness Officer. He loves jumping around my worksheets and videos.

On his planet, they don't distinguish between genders. But it would be strange to call GluGlu 'it'. So I decided to call him a 'he' since I was a little girl. Oh, yes, he's been with me for a loooong time. He was my imaginary friend since when I was about 4 years old when I ran out of the cinema watching E.T.

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Were you always a Career Choice Mentor?

Naaah, not at all! I studied to be a Spanish teacher and a Sociologist. But I finished my studies smack in the middle of the financial crisis so my first 'real' job was very different from what I studied for. I was promised to do my dream job - team building programs. But I ended up doing office management work, administration and cleaning up the messes of other people.

After a year in that job, I went to a sauna with my sauna bestie to take away the winter chills. When she saw my sparkless eyes, she poked: 'Where is the curious, fearless Neža I know? What happened to your dream of teaching people to communicate better?'  

Her question snapped me out of my zombie coma and reconnected me with my forgotten dream. I applied for a teaching post in Portugal, got it and a few months later I was teaching kids from 3- 22 in the mountainy area of Carrazeda de Ansiães.

Boy, I learned a lot about myself in rural isolation! Talking to my students about their dreams, I had an epiphany that made me decide to leave the educational system, move to The Netherlands and build my business as you witness it today.

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My values are my inner compass



When things get tough - and they do, I am no different than any other human being - I remind myself of the following metaphor. On a cloudy day, the sun is always there. We may not see it due to the thickness of the clouds. But the sun is there, waiting patiently for us to find a path to an elevation where the clouds no longer obscure our view.


Call me a nerd if you will, but I love learning. I keep a special list just for what I still want to learn in my life. Learning is like being a detective lifting stones on a river bank in pursuit of the truth. The best part is when I feel the pieces coming together. Exhilarating!


Imagine your life is a big playground - what is your favourite part of the game? I believe adults are all just children in a grown-up skin. If you approach life from this perspective, then it becomes easier to make the next step and then the next one. And then the next one.


Curiosity is the antidote to nasty negative thinking. Whenever I encounter a bump, I invite curiosity to help me discover what else is possible. Together with my clients, we train the curiosity muscle every step of the way.


Aaaah, freedom has so many faces! Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, financial, time or location freedom… The important question here is which freedom are you pursuing in your career? The answer might surprise you ;)

What are your core values?

If you have trouble pinpointing them, hop on here and get a simple guide to clarify your core values.

Click here to download your guide.


Fun facts you might find interesting about me

NezaKrek.com About whats in a name how to pronounce my Slovenian name.png

Oh, what's in a name

My name is ... well, how shall we put it ... strange? Uncommon? Uhm, let's stick with special. To pronounce AND to spell. Unless, of course, you are one of 2 million Slovenian people.

Here, we will make a cool test. How would you pronounce my name? Dare to say it out loud. Just for fun - go ahead…

Ok, cool you didn't make me into a Ninja, thank you! (I was called that as well.)

Here is how you REALLY pronounce it:


Now it's your turn to try. Have fun with your new tongue-twister!


My boundaries

I work 3 days a week, the rest I spend with my family. My business is location independent by design so I can travel between my two homes, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

I refuse to accept the status quo. I hate inertia and I refuse to work with people who complain about their situation but are not doing anything to change it.

I am at my best when working with groups. Therefore, I do not work 1 on 1 anymore.

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Motherhood and entrepreneurship

Geert and I met as starting entrepreneurs. In all of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, we became parents to the kindest, most curious boy ever (yup, I'm biased). He made us reexamine how we do business. After my maternity leave, I stepped up my game, and Geert decided to close his company and invest his talents in an industry he loves. Today we both come home full of stories and happy. Since I am a mompreneur, my focus is sharper, and I don't give in the drama of other people so easily anymore.


Places I belong

I was born and raised in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. No, that is not Slovakia or Slavonia or Estonia… Here is how you will remember where I am from: my country is the ONLY country in the world that has the word LOVE in the name. There. In your brain. Forever. Bam!

At the age of 30, I moved to Amsterdam, to follow a year at a crazy, alternative business school for creative entrepreneurs. 6 years later I run a business from my Dutch home office, with a funny, smart Dutchie by my side and a Dutch-Slovenian baby boy.

Zo gaat het leven! Takle 'mamo!

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GluGlu and his kind

The chief of their completely blue Planet (yup, all furniture, all nature, all cars, everything is blue) is the planet Mayor. They eat toothpicks and have their names composed of 2 syllables only. Preferably a repeating syllable. GluGlu's sisters' name is Lili. His kind changes skin colour depending on the emotion they are experiencing. So, no hiding for GluGlu - it's written on his body.

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Curious how working with me feels like?

Normally, there's no videos of my programs since i am pretty serious about privacy. But you're in luck ;) Here you can feel the vibe of my workshops.

In 2015, Knowmads Amsterdam invited me to facilitate a brainstorming session for an amazing team of bright minds developing the HR potential of Decathlon which was also recorded (22th of May 2015 Hosted by Knowmads). Credits: Duy Vu Dinh and Knowmads NL


Eager to start your journey?

Scary and exciting at the same time - I know. No worries, I have your back, lady!

Leave your name and email below and let me send you an easy to use career change toolkit for curious women. You will get 6 powerful questions that will clarify what you want, pimp up your mindset and get your lovely behind moving the direction of your choice.

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