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Build and facilitate nurturing innovative learning environments in your university. 

A 10-week blended learning program for daring educators who want to open doors for transformation in their classroom.

Philippa Collin, Hogeschool InHolland

"This program brought me back the joy of teaching!"
this is what you'll get out of the program



That's what I want to recreate in the future in research and classroom.

The main insight for me was the whole process and the learning curve. In the beginning I thought we would get a toolbox and something very specific to follow. But then I realized that the process I went through during the course was actually the main insight. I felt really empowered during the course and participating in all these different creative methods was really transforming for me. I realized that that was the message of the whole course.

That's what I want to recreate in the future in research or in the classroom. It's really about the process rather than the outcome.

Anonymous participant, cohort 3

Now I am brave enough to work from the heart.

This year has been a very pivotal year for me. When we started this course, I was just coming back from a year off because of a burnout. At the time we finished this course and I had another big experience. The transformative learning courses has created a crucible in which these experiences can coexist.

Out of that has come me. The transformation that I've gone through is really giving myself permission to come home to who I really am, as a teacher, and to decondition myself from my own educational experiences.

Anonymous participant, cohort 2

I found the courage to implement new transformative elements in my courses.

Through the transformative learning course with Neža I got to know a wonderful group of enthusiastic teachers who want to transform education at the university towards a more caring and inspiring system. I felt I wanted to move in this direction already before the course, but didn’t find the courage, the tools and the network to do so.

The course provided me with practical tools for transformative learning approaches and most importantly, gave me a safe space to experiment with these.

Reineke van Tol, Wageningen University

I feel more confident and better equipped.

I feel even more confident to use transformative approaches and methods, and to integrate facilitation techniques in my teaching.

I feel enriched with new precious connections, some of which I sense will lead to beneficial and nurturing reciprocal relations in the long run.

I feel better equipped with mindsets, tools, and approaches that I can put into practice in my teaching, facilitation, and education work.

Angela Moriggi, University of Padova


Are you playing with the idea of bringing the Transformative Learning Program into your organisation? Amazing! 

Let's talk and see if the program is really what your people need.

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