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 Contributing to a future-proof    education by bringing 


to adult educators 
Hi, I’m Neža Krek!

I facilitate fun, effective meaningful meetings for educational teams and teach them the art of facilitation and participatory learning design so they can fully engage their students and colleagues and together create a better future.


Future-proofing education through facilitation and transformative learning design.

Neza Krek Meaningful Meetings

Facilitated meetings

Are your meetings a drag?

Let’s talk!

You see, effective, fun, meaningful meetings don’t just happen. They’re a muscle that needs training and gentle recovery support when things go wrong. My clients enjoy connection, fun, and getting things done in their meetings and I wish the same for you.

Neza Krek working with groups of educators

Transformative Learning Program

10-week blended learning program for daring educators who want to open doors for transformation in their classroom. 

The aim is to build and facilitate nurturing innovative learning environments in education organisations such as universities and research centers.

4 cohorts of adult educators from all over Europe have already gone through the program and had a blast. 

Neza Krek have better and more fun online meetings

Courses & Digital products

A selection of practical courses and tools that will help adult educators truly engage their students be it online or offline. 

Learn how to facilitate learning in a group setting and design immersive learning experiences. Turn your back to the standard PowerPoint to build learning communities and help your students take responsibility for their learning. 


Neza Krek Client_Kiel university Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Neza Krek Client_Hogeschool Windesheim
Neza Krek Client_Wageningen University
Neza Krek Client_University of Ljubljana_Uni Lj
Neza Krek Client_Falling walls foundation Berlin


Engaging groups and turning them into supportive collectives is what I am good at. Facilitating transformation towards a future-proof education is what I decided to contribute to.

I bring to the table 12+ years of facilitation experience and course creation, 4 books on group engagement, a good pinch of humour, and a focus on progress, not perfection.

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“If you have the chance to work with her, make use of it!"

Neža facilitated 3 training sessions at the HAN. We worked on various education innovation projects. She absolutely nailed it and made all the trainees fans immediately.

She is well-prepared and mixes solid knowledge of ancient wisdom with modern facilitation techniques and practical tips for our projects. She is keen on feelings and sentiments in the group and addresses these well. In doing so, she creates a great and safe working environment where trainees really challenge themselves.

Ewan Tehupuring

Lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences


In a 45 mins call we'll figure out what you and your team needs and if we want to work together. 

The call is free of charge - a time investment we both make in our future collaboration.

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