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Is your team stuck in meetings that seem to suck everyones' time, energy and soul? Do you want to get to the root cause of it?

With Meeting Scan you will figure out the root cause of your ineffective meetings, and how to make them better. In just 1 hour.


This is the step-by-step scanning process I do when my clients ask me to help them with their time-wasting, energy-sucking meetings. Followed by a breakdown of your options for creating a meeting culture you'll actually enjoy participating in. 


What's in 'Meeting scan'? 
  • All the steps I use when a client asks me to scan their meetings.

  • A printable template for the scanning process.

  • A checklist of signs to look for when scanning your meetings.

  • A list of questions to identify the biggest leaks of energy, time and focus in the way your team meets.

  • A calculator to assess how much are the ineffective meetings costing your organisation.

  • A breakdown of possible next steps based on what is happening in your meetings. 


What do you need to be able to do a meeting scan? 
  • access to your weekly meetings or a recording of one

  • pen and paper

  • access to your Meeting Scan instructions

  • 1hr

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