How to build resilience in a gentle way

Yes, transitions! I love talking about them and stepping into a new year is the most regular and obvious transition we go through every year. No wonder there are so many people advising us to make resolutions and promises to ourselves what we will definitely change this time. Only to experience a flop! of falling off the wagon.

So I say - please, take the time and the calmness to properly close the previous year if you haven't done so already and leave the resolutions for later.

Close your year with these 3 profound questions that have the power to build your resilience.

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Magic DOESN'T happen outside the comfort zone. This is where ...

So many times I hear women pushing themselves in the name of stepping out of their comfort zone. Result? Overwhelm and burnout. Not good, lady! Not good.

I disagree that in order to get somewhere we need to push ourselves beyond our boundaries at any cost.

But there is another way. Check if walking the edge instead helps you keep your sanity and still stretch, achieve success and create a career that will make you truly happy.

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bounce back from rejection in a breeze

Women were culturally trained not to show anger, annoyance, rage and still we experience those emotions as well. Unfortunately, we tend to turn our anger into sadness since this is culturally accepted to show as a woman.

But when things happen to shock us, make us feel anger and rage, rejection and annoyance, knowing that there is a pattern in the phases in which these emotions come can make all the difference. Difference between being trapped by own own experience and gliding through the range of unpleasant emotions only to get more resilient at the end of the event.

How can grief help you recover from a job rejection or an unexpected situation? Learn how to use the tool that will help you build your resilience when life decides instead of you.

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That nagging voice that keeps women playing small

What do you dream about, dear lady? I bet you have a wonderful dream for your life, for the people you love, a beautiful dream for this world. Am I close?

Then you probably find yourself being your own obstacle to making those dreams a reality. That nagging voice in our heads screaming nonsense in our ears :Why would yo do this? Who are you to do this? What will they think of you? You are so vain and irresponsible … And the list of nasty statements goes on.

Meet your inner critic - an old relic of our primary fear that used to save us from being stomped over by a mammoth in the prehistoric times. But now the inner critic is no longer uber functional - it is more hindering than anything else.

In this article I show you how I dealt with my inner critic from a dream to reality.

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Neža Krek
Shouldn't you already know what you want?

When you listen to that nagging feeling in your gut telling you that it is time to change careers eventhough you don't really know what to go for instead, you find yourself in a very vulnerable space. Firstly, bravo to your courageous heart to venture in such an adventure without a miticulous plan (yaaay for doing and not perfecting - such a difficult thing to do)!

This article is for you if you find yourself bumbed up by comments of your loved ones that raise their eyebrows when you share your plans with them and say: “Shouldn't you already know what you want by now?”

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What to do when people tell you to get a (real) job

“Get a real job!” This sentence seems such a harmless remark, sometimes made without thinking what harm can it do. And yet, it carries such demolishing power. It strips you of the power to lead your own life.

In today's video you will her me pull apart the sentence, where I believe it comes from, and what can you do in those Grrrr! Bah! Aaarrrgh! moments when a loved one serves you their piece of advice: "Darling, shouldn't you get a real job?" (Hint: This sentence is a lost opportunity to connect)

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Power of conscious transitions

Many women say they don't like change. But what they are really saying is that they don't enjoy the bumpiness that change brings. Well, what if there was a very simple yet powerful way to get the road less bumpy? What if making a change to a different career was easier than imagined? This article is all about the power of conscious transitions and how you can build one for you. Use it every time a big event shakes your life, or when you step into your career change process.

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Have you heard people telling you you should pursue 1 single passion? Or that finding your passion is your one way to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your work? In this article I explain why I believe this is utmost nonsense. What I found out works better with my dear clients is much easier than putting all eggs in one passion basket.

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I just turned down my dream job

There are moments in life when you dearly want something but you know it is not healthy if you accept it. No, not talking about greasy food here. The same principle applies to careers and our decisions what jobs we accept. I was offered what a year ago would have been my dream job. Today I turned it down. Here's a step-by-step decision-making process I went through.

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