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5 things to do when looking for a new career direction

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop." Confucius

Big words. They sound simple and doable. But the reality can bring it's challenges. So, let's break this one down and look at it from a career change perspective. 5 simple tips to get you going.

1. please, do take breaks. Otherwise you'll collapse. Treat yourself with nourishing stops. Good food, a chat with a good friend, going jumping in puddles during the grey rainy periods, go dancing or take a singing lesson just for fun. Massage your feet, go for a walk in the forrest and make bird sounds, notice the smells, notice the tingle of leaves. 2. Have naps. Yes, lots of sleep - also during the day. Did you know professional sports people get paid to rest? Otherwise they cannot perform. And the same goes for you. 3. Surround yourself with positive minded people. If you are to get through this process with ease, you cannot keep on having coffee with that friend who is complaining about her job all the time but does nothing about it. It will not be all puppies and rainbows, so arm yourself with kind and gentle presence of women who tend to think on the positive side. 4. Create an environment that will encourage action, that will kindly nudge you away from your fears and towards your dreams. How does that look like? You are the only one who knows. If writing goals help, do it. If drawing your preferred work gives you energy, do it. If giving yourself the permission to really own your talents gets you on the move, to it. 5. Lastly, respect your own rhythm. No one can tell where should you already be. You know how much is possible in your skin, in your circumstances. When someone says: You don't know yet what you want? Simply translate that into: "I am worried you will be unhappy. I hope you find it and find fulfilment." Because that is all there is: love. about respecting your own rhythm. Want more practical steps? Leave your name and favourite email below and claim your free copy of Career Change kit for curious women. Love, Neža and GluGlu, Chief Playfulness Officer

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