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What to do when people tell you to get a (real) job

What to do with the sentence that is probably killing your dreams

Whenever I give a training I bring a box of coulourful, funky postcards with me to kick start the day. I have been collecting these postcards for ages and at a certain point I stumbled upon a postcard that gets picked up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It's the one with the sign "Get a (real) hob".

Listening to the women in my programs, I realized there is a series of these little jewels of sentences that stopped me and many other women from really going for the career that we knew would make us happy.

This sentence seems such a harmless remark, sometimes made without thinking what harm can it do. And yet, it carries such demolishing power. As my husband added when I told him what today's video is about: Hearing this can be so painful. This 'advice' it strips you of choosing the way you want to go about your life.

In today's video you will her me pull apart the sentence, where I believe it comes from, and what can you do in those Grrrr! Bah! Aaarrrgh! moments when a loved one serves you their piece of advice: "Darling, shouldn't you get a real job?" (Hint: This sentence is a lost opportunity to connect)

Click below to watch the video. Enjoy :)

Huggles, Neža


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